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Lalit Modi has been making waves nationwide for being a 58-year-old man acting like a 13-year-old teenage boy who just began dating the hottest girl in middle school. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! Find someone who looks at you the way Lalit Modi looks at Sushmita Sen. 

But, can we just take a quick peek at his Wikipedia? The man’s track record is wild!

Modi attended two universities in the United States and grad…….

Lalit Modi has been making waves nationwide for being a 58-yr-previous man appearing like a 13-yr-previous teenage boy who simply startworked courting The most properly appreciated woman in center school. Do not get me incorrect, I Choose it! Discover somebody who appears at you The biggest method Lalit Modi appears at Sushmita Sen. 

However, can we simply take A quick peek at his Wikipedia? The particular person’s monitor doc is wild!

Modi attfinished two universities in America and graduated from neither. But A method or The completely different He is a multi millionaire?

This is wright here it will get fascinating. Apparently, Modi and three of his frifinishs have been conned all by way of his Duke College days wright hereas making an try to buy half a kilogram of cocaine for $10,000 at a motel. The particular person posing as a vendor threatened them with a shotgun and robbed them of their money. 

The story Does not finish right here! The subsequent day, Modi & co. decided to take issues into Their very personal palms and allegedly beat up a scholar, whom they suspected of setting them up. Rather than getting his A refund, he was made a fool of and arrested on costs of conspiracy to visitors cocaine, assault and second-diploma kidnapping.

Watch him converse about the incident on The Patriotic Act with Hasan Minaj wright here Modi overtly admitted that he too finds himself shady:

Guys, Lalit Modi is kinda actually humorous! I assume I can see why Sushmita Sen is courting him?

Simply to be clear, I do not condone violence or substance abuse, but A minimal of he has The center to unapologetically admit That He is a controversial man. That is extra honesty than half the one per cent have proven us. 

I imply clearly, not Tons has modified since his childhood days. He’s nonetheless pretty …wild. Does An extreme quantity Of money make your mind go cray-cray? I am a author, not like I might know.